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Planula is a Scheme implementation written in portable ANSI C, with a little bit of C99. It can be compiled with TinyCC, which means it can be bootstrapped into with GNU Mes.

Planula primarily exists not to be a Good Scheme Implementation, but to be a foundation for bootstrapping a development environment on my Lisp OS, Reef, once Reef development properly begins. Avoiding using any features or library functions not outlined in C99 or earlier will make it much easier to compile for Reef with a portable library like mlibc as a basis.

Planula will be used to write Lime, a Scheme compiler suitable for low-level programming and kernel development, and the Reef kernel will be written in that dialect. Then, Lime will be used to write a more sophisticated Scheme interpreter, Polysp, which will actually try to be a Good Scheme Implementation, and the basis for Reef's userland.


Planula currently has most of the very basics of an R7RS-compliant Scheme. It does still lack a few important features, however: